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How To Recover Money For Loss Of Use After A Car Accident

When a car accident occurs that was not your fault but has left you without a vehicle for a while, you might be able to file a claim for loss of use after the accident. Seeking compensation for this is not always easy when you try settling a case without a lawyer, which is why you may want to consider hiring a car accident lawyer to help you settle your case. Here are several important things to understand about loss of use.

What is loss of use?

If your car is getting repaired due to the damages caused by another driving running into your vehicle, you may be suffering from a major inconvenience in life, and this is referred to as loss of use. If your vehicle is getting repaired, it means that you no longer have it in your possession, so therefore you are not able to use it. Losing your car for a couple days, weeks, or months due to an accident can be a huge inconvenience in life, and it is something you would not be going through if the other driver had not struck you. Because of this, you might be able to collect money to compensate you for a loss of use.

What factors contribute to receiving money for loss of use?

Every state has different rules with loss of use, but it is likely that you should be able to collect some money for it if the accident was not your fault and if your car is being repaired. You will have to ask for this, though, because the other party's insurance company will not typically just offer money to you for this.

They may agree to compensate you for the loss of use you experienced from the accident if you ask, and one reason for this is to convince you to sign off on the claim. If they can pay you a little bit of money for loss of use and you agree to take the deal, you will have to sign off that you will not pursue them for any more money for the claim.

They may also agree to reimburse you for money you spend on renting a car. After all, you would not have needed a rental car had the other driver not caused the accident.

If you have questions about your car accident and are not sure what exactly you are entitled to, contact a car accident attorney for help.