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If You're Hurt At Work: When You Have The Right To Sue For Personal Injury

When you are injured at work, you have the right to receive workers compensation benefits. This is insurance that covers your income in the event that you get hurt at work and can't do your job for awhile. If you are seriously injured and no longer able to return to work, you will be covered by workers compensation and disability coverage until you reach retirement age. The problem is, this money is usually not enough for you to live on in any comfortable way, yet you can't sue your employer simply for getting hurt on the job. If you are hurt because of negligence, or from a defective product, even while at work, you may be able to sue for personal injury as well.

When You are Hurt Because of a Defective Product

If you are at work using a forklift as intended and the forklift malfunctions, causing your injuries, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the forklift manufacturer. When your injuries are severe, you need to investigate every outlet for financial compensation so that you can have financial security for your future. Getting seriously hurt because a machine you were operating malfunctions can give you the right to sue for product liability. You'll want to talk with an attorney to discuss your case to see if you have options.

If You Were Hurt Intentionally at Work

If your employer created an unsafe situation on purpose and you were injured, you may be able to sue your employer for personal injury. You'll have to prove that your employer intentionally caused a dangerous situation, and this is the reason you were hurt while on the job.

When You are Hurt From Toxic Substances

Many work places contain toxic substances, and when you are hurt because of a toxic chemical, you may have the right to sue the manufacturer. It depends how the substance was handled, and whether you were using the substance correctly. If you came in contact with the toxic substance accidentally, it's time to talk with a personal injury lawyer about your options.

When you will never be able to return to work and you have suffered from your injuries, it's time to talk with a personal injury lawyer about your injuries. Even after you begin receiving workers compensation benefits, there may be ways that you can sue for pain, suffering and future lost wages if you were hurt on purpose or by a malfunctioning product. For more information, contact companies like Richard Glazer Law Office.