Are injuries sustained by vaccinations?

The Top Three Reasons People Sue For Birth Injury Compensation

Birth injuries are extremely emotional to deal with for new parents. Nobody wants to have to go through this with your newborn, however, unfortunately it does happen. Here are the tip three reasons people sue for birth injury compensation:

Negligence During Pregnancy:

During your pregnancy, your doctor should be paying close attention to the full development of the baby in your belly. This is critical to catching any potentially problems and being able to fix them or know what needs to be done to fix them upon birth. You should also be going through a number of tests at different stages during your pregnancy to catch certain things, such as pre-clampsia, which can be treated right away before it causes harm to the baby during birth. If you did not receive this kind of thorough medical care during your pregnancy and your baby suffered an injury, you definitely want to meet with a birth injury lawyer to discuss whether or not you have a case on your hands. 

No Quick Treatment of Distress: 

Upon birth, your baby may become extremely distressed, which is fairly common when the process of labor has been difficult or prolonged. When this happens, baby usually suffers from lack of oxygen, which can be extremely damaging and even cause brain injury. This is why it's vital your doctor provide quick treatment for baby when in distress. First off, if the labor has been pro-longed, your doctor should definitely have considered c-section to prevent the distress of baby from happening at all. However, if baby was still born in distress, they should be closely monitored and cooled right away to prevent lack of oxygen. 

Improper Use of Medical Devices:

There are some instances where the doctor needs assistance from medical devices to help with the process of giving birth. For instance, your baby may become stuck during the process of labor, in which case your doctor may need to use a vacuum or forceps to assist. The improper use of these devices can cause harm. If you believe this is the case, you might have a case on your hands you need to talk with a birth injury lawyer about. 

Overall, thorough documentation of your pregnancy is important to ensuring that in the event of a birth injury, you have a better chance of receiving the compensation you deserve simply because you will have the proof needed to show negligence. 

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