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Four Things You Really Need To Know About Contingency Fees In Your Personal Injury Case

You may have heard that working with a personal injury lawyer on a contingency fee basis is best, but you really should know more than just this. This is going to ensure that you are actually saving money on the costs of hiring the legal help that you need. Here are four specific things to know:

  1. Pay is Contingent Upon Winning: A personal injury lawyer who works on a contingency basis will be paid contingent upon winning the case, which is beneficial to you because it guarantees that your lawyer is working hard to not only win the case, but also maximize the compensation so they are paid, as well as you. Your lawyer will be paid 1/3 of the compensation while you are paid 2/3. 
  2. Rates are Negotiable: While the 1/3 and 2/3 payment arrangement is generally what is agreed upon, keep in mind that it can be negotiated. If you feel that negotiation is worth it in your case, it's always something you can discuss openly with your lawyer. 
  3. There are Still Fees: You need to keep the fees in mind, as well. These are legal fees that your lawyer is going to be using to pay for the costs of proving your case. This includes gathering police reports, expert witnesses, filing fees, and more. Be sure to ask your lawyer about how these fees are handled. Sometimes, your lawyer will take it off the amount of compensation rewarded and then put the contingency fee into place or they will take the fee amounts out of your part of the compensation amount. 
  4. You Still Pay Some Money if Case is Lost: What you must know is that if your case is lost, yes the lawyer does not get paid, but you still need to pay the legal fees mentioned above. To prevent this from happening, always ask your lawyer, not how many times they have won, but how many times they have lost a case. Obviously, the best answer would be none, which means that you have a high chance of never having to pay anything out of pocket during this process. 

To help your lawyer win your claim, be sure that you are continuing to visit your doctor, not posting anything on social media, especially photos and posts about the case, and disclosing all information to your personal injury attorney. This is not only beneficial for your lawyer, but it almost guarantees a won case.