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Types Of Evidence You Will Need For Your Trucking Accident Case

If you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, it is crucial that you get the correct type of evidence so that you can win your case. The following are examples of the evidence you and your attorney need to collect if you plan to take your case to court:

Safety Rules Violations

A professional truck driver has to have a commercial driver's license to drive a commercial truck. They also have to be employed by a motor carrier, which is required to follow specific safety laws. These laws include how many hours the driver can work without a break, the physical condition of the truck, and the trucker's qualifications.

Records of Maintenance

Getting the maintenance records of the commercial truck is essential if its condition is in question when an accident occurred. A trucking company may have ignored or put off dealing with some maintenance requirements of the truck, causing it to fail in some way and result in an accident while on the road. If you suspect that the brakes had to do with the cause of the accident, for example, getting the records is vital.

Dash Camera Footage

Many trucking companies have begun to install dash cameras in all their vehicles for a variety of reasons; this camera footage can help make or break your case, particularly if your vehicle is in the video frame. There is no better proof than an exact video of the incident.

Video from the Scene

If there is any video that was taken of the scene, it is ideal to obtain a copy for your case. Any videos that show the accident in progress can help clarify any facts that may have otherwise been hazy. Check with local businesses or any other entity that may have had a camera pointed in the direction of the accident to obtain this footage.

Witness Information

If you are hurt in the accident, chances are you will not be able to get witness information right away. However, you have to have this information if you want to include witness testimony in your case. The accident report may or may not include the name and contact information of witnesses.

To get this information, you can have your attorney subpoena 911 tapes of those who called in the accident. They generally have the name and contact information of the person who called. Getting this information will be crucial in your case, especially if you have no video footage. To learn more, visit a website like