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Traffic Violations And Charges For Which You Should Definitely Seek Legal Counsel

Hiring an attorney for a traffic ticket seems a little extreme. In most cases, you would be correct in thinking that, and paying the ticket would cost less. However, there are situations where hiring a traffic violation attorney would prove to be in your best interests.


This is definitely one instance where traffic violation attorney services is a plus. Whether you are really guilty of drinking and driving or taking drugs that impair your ability to drive, or you have been falsely charged, a lawyer can help. He/she can either get your charges dismissed, or get your sentence and/or fines reduced. Considering the fact that in some states you can lose your driver's license for months, spend time in jail, pay steep fines, or be placed on house arrest for a year or more, the cost of a lawyer in this case is well worth it.

Speeding for a Good Reason

You should never speed, with the exception of a few rare reasons. In the event that you have to speed, and you are caught and fined, you should hire a lawyer to argue it. You may even be able to sue for compensation if the delay in your speeding to get somewhere cost you or a passenger a life or medical expenses. For example, speeding to get a pregnant woman in labor to the hospital, speeding to get a badly wounded and bleeding out person to the emergency room, and/or speeding after a vehicle because you saw who just kidnapped your kid are all valid reasons. In the event that you or someone else suffers a loss or greater medical expenses as the result of being stopped or flagged down by the police, you can sue the police, too.

Additionally, radar guns are not always correct. Sometimes they misfire and clock someone going at an outrageous speed when drivers were not even going that fast. A lawyer who can argue that in court, and order that the radar gun in question be brought in for testing, may be able to excuse a speeding ticket entirely IF the gun is proven defective. About eleven to twenty-five percent of all radar guns and their readings are wrong, which means you do have a fighting chance in court if you hire a traffic violation attorney. Have your vehicle tested by another radar gun first before you choose this particular defense.

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