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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Pursuing Your Social Security Disability Claim

If you were recently diagnosed with a debilitating disease, you may have decided to try to file a social security disability claim. Along with ensuring you file the right documents and show up to scheduled hearings, there are certain mistakes you want to avoid making that could adversely impact the decision on your claim.

1.  Continuing to Work While You Wait for an Answer

Although you may not really be able to work because of your disease, you may still try to show up at your job. After all, you do still have bills to pay and expenses to cover while you wait on a decision.

However, if you continue to work, you are sending a message that you are still able to hold down a job despite your illness. This could then be seen as a reason to deny your claim because you simply do not need it.

2.  Applying for Unemployment Benefits

Even if you do quit your job, you may feel that you can still apply for unemployment benefits. You may think that the money can provide you with a bridge in the time between quitting and receiving social security benefits.

However, if you do collect unemployment, you are receiving financial assistance. This could then show that you do not require help for your disability, and it may result in a denial of your claim. 

3.  Neglecting to Make Appointments with Your Doctor

Another mistake that you should not make while you are pursuing a claim for social security disability is neglecting to see your doctor on a regular basis. Because you have a debilitating disease bad enough that you cannot work, it will be expected that you will need medical treatment. If you do not go to your appointments, this may show that you are not as bad off as you claim.

If the reason why you are not going to your doctor appointments is that you do not like your doctor, or that they are not supportive of you, switch to one that will help you. If you are having problems finding a doctor, ask an attorney that deals with these types of situations for a recommendation.

Along with the above mistakes, another thing you should not try to do is file your claim without the assistance of a professional. If you have not already, schedule a consultation with a social security disability attorney who can review your case and help guide you through the process.