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Is Your Accident Case Worth Pursuing?

Car accidents come in all varieties, and some of them are so minor that auto insurance does an adequate job of covering your needs. It's not easy for those not schooled in law to know what is and what is not worth pursuing, however. Read on to find out more about cases that call for legal intervention.

Why Case Quality Matters

Insurers are good at paying an accident victim's medical expenses, as long as they are in line with their coverage rules. They usually manage to get the victim's car repaired, but it can be almost impossible to gain enough compensation to purchase a new one. If you have problems with the insurer or your damages are great enough, the value of your case matters because you will need the help of a personal injury attorney.

Accident lawyers usually work on a contingency fee basis, and their pay is based on the value of your case. Once you present your attorney with the case, they will review the accident report, the insurance information of the at-fault driver, your medical treatment records, and other evidence to arrive at a decision. If they agree to represent you, everything depends on the below factors.

Harm Done — Accidents can cause serious bodily harm to drivers and occupants, and the greater the harm, the more vital it is to seek legal help. Medical treatment costs are used to determine the seriousness of the accident and are one of the most important factors in how much money you end up receiving.

Fault Lies With the Other Driver — The second most important factor in the worth of a personal injury case is fault. If you are at fault for the accident, even partially, you probably have no case. If fault is contested, your attorney will evaluate the evidence to determine the worth of your case. Video evidence and eye-witness statements (preferably from neutral third-party witnesses) helps tremendously with fault determinations.

Evidence Must Back Up Everything — No compensation will be forthcoming unless you have evidence to back up your claims of fault and other forms of damage. Some evidence comes from you and some can be gathered by your attorney. The more you have, the easier things will be. Some of that evidence includes:

  • Reports from the accident scene
  • Medical treatment records
  • Photographs and videos
  • Witness statements (expert, lay, and eye witnesses)

Many personal injury lawyers will evaluate your case at no charge. What do you have to lose? You may not realize how much the accident has cost you without legal help, so speak to an attorney today.