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Four Ways Your Smartphone Will Help Your Personal Injury Attorney After A Traffic Accident

If you're like most people, you use your smartphone every day and use it extensively. That's why it's important to remember that if you're ever in an auto accident, your smartphone becomes an important tool to help your personal injury attorney get the compensation you are entitled to. The following are four ways in which you can use your smartphone to help your attorney.

Taking a snapshot of the driver's information

Writing down the other driver's information can be cumbersome, and you may even write down something wrong. It is much easier and more accurate to take a picture. You should take a photo of the driver's license and the insurance card. You should also make sure to take a picture of the license plate on the driver's car.

Taking photos of the damage to your car

One of the most important ways your smartphone can help your attorney will be with photos of car damage. Although there will be a police report, there may not be any photos. By having photos that you can show to your attorney of the accident scene, your attorney will have a better idea of what happened. Just seeing the condition of your car and the other driver's car can be helpful. Surprisingly, an insurance company can claim that not all the damage was sustained during the accident.

Taking photos of the surrounding area

There are many things that you can take photos of that can be very helpful to your attorney. Examples are signs, traffic lights, and even road conditions, such as water from recent rain, puddles, or potholes in the road. It is important that your attorney have as complete a picture as possible of what type of conditions existed at the time of the accident. If there was any debris in the road that may have contributed to the accident, it also should be photographed.

Take a photo or two of the driver and any passengers

Of course, you need to be discreet about this. Everybody's a little shook up right after an accident, so you don't want to blatantly be in front of people, taking pictures with your smartphone of the driver and any passengers. However, if possible, having a photo or two of the driver and passengers can be very helpful to an attorney when the driver or a passenger suddenly claims to have severe injuries. This type of information may not be conclusive, but it may be helpful to an attorney.

Police reports are limited, and although a personal injury attorney knows how to read between the lines of these reports, additional information that you can provide with your smartphone can be both helpful and important.