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3 Serious Errors That Can Jeopardize Your Car Accident Claim

It can take several minutes or even hours to overcome the shock and confusion that results from a car crash. Unfortunately, the measures you take at that moment can strengthen or weaken your claim. Therefore, knowing what to do and what to avoid is essential in ensuring that you receive compensation. That said, here are three serious errors that will significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Admitting Your Contribution to the Incident

Admitting that you're partly to blame for the crash is pretty detrimental. The insurance company can twist your story and place the fault on you. As a result, they will have solid ground to reject your compensation application.

In addition, the other accident victims can falsely accuse you, and you could get an undeserved punishment. As such, you shouldn't share with the investigators or the other accident victims about your contribution to the incident. But cooperate with investigators and allow them to determine the driver at fault. 

Allowing Other People to Access Your Medical Records

Your examination records and medical bills are essential in proving that you suffered an injustice. They also form part of your evidence to convince the court that you deserve the payment indicated in your application.

Because of that, you shouldn't allow anyone other than your lawyer to access these documents. Someone spiteful can tamper with this crucial information, reducing your chances of winning the battle. 

Therefore, only your lawyer should access these documents as they will help them substantiate your claims. In fact, you can entrust your attorney for the safe custody of your medical records if you cannot store them as safely as required. 

Filing a Claim without Consulting an Attorney

A successful claim requires a proper understanding of the law to prevent mistakes. For that reason, it is not advisable to file a case without consulting a legal practitioner. Handling the case alone can lead to a mistake that can prompt dismissal. Besides, errors give the insurer reasons to lower your payment. But you can evade errors by working with a car accident lawyer as soon as you encounter the incident. 

The most important decision you can make after a car crash is contacting a legal practitioner to handle the case. First, they will review the case and discuss the legal options available in seeking compensation with you. And most importantly, their legal advice keeps you away from errors that may jeopardize your claim.

Contact an auto accident attorney for more information.