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Working While Receiving Workers' Compensation Benefits: What To Know

When your workers' compensation doctor clears you to return to work, you may be wondering what will happen to your workers' compensation benefits. Read on to find out more. 

Partial Salary Benefits

If your injury caused you to be unable to work, your doctor may order you to remain home and recuperate. While you do so, you can earn a partial salary. The amount varies but it's usually about two-thirds of your usual pay. Once you are cleared to return to work, however, you must go back to your previous position, or you could be in danger of being fired.

On the other hand, do not return to your job unless you have been cleared by your workers' compensation doctor. You could be violating the rules of your coverage and you could even lose your job.

However, if you disagree with the doctor's orders, you can appeal the ruling. You should not return to work if you are still injured. You have only so long to appeal the ruling, however, so speak to a workers' compensation lawyer to ensure you know your rights when it comes to returning to work.

Partial Work Benefits

In some cases, you may be cleared to go back to your previous job but with restrictions. For example, you may be told you can return to your previous position, but you may only work part-time for a period of time. When that occurs, you will continue to receive some workers' compensation benefits. You will be not only eligible for medical expenses coverage but also you will receive a partial salary to help make up for the part-time work.

In many cases, you may also have restrictions on how much physical activity you can do while on light duty. You may have rules about lifting, standing, carrying, and more. Be sure to abide closely by the restrictions. They are meant to protect you from further injury while allowing you a gradual return to work.

A Suitable Job

Another situation will allow a hurt worker to work at another job. Known as a suitable job, this job must meet certain qualifications. It must take into account any work restrictions, such as light-duty work, while also being in a nearby location. Unfortunately, many hurt workers disagree with the appointment of a suitable job. The job might be inappropriate for their level of training or experience. If you disagree with the suitable job selection, speak to a workers' compensation lawyer. They will gather information proving that the job is not right for you and your situation.

To learn more about the above back-to-work situations, contact a local law firm, such as Allen Law Group.