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Find A Slip And Fall Lawyer To Protect Your Business

If you are a store owner and someone claims they were injured in a slip and fall at your store because of negligence, you need an attorney. It would be best if you did not try to handle a case like this on your own because you could admit something to the other side that could end up with you having to pay them a lot of money, or you could miss something that would let you win. Find an attorney specializing in these kinds of cases who can help protect you and your business. When you hire an attorney, you need to provide them with some information.

Injured Party's Information

You need to give your attorney all your information on the injured party. That includes their name, what happened to them, their injuries, and any statements the injured party may give you. Ideally, you should only communicate with the injured party through your attorney, which means you need an attorney quickly. Once your attorney has the information about the injured party, they can take over communicating with the person or their representative.


If your store has cameras that cover the area where the person was allegedly hurt, save the footage that covers that particular time. That footage is evidence in the case; even if you don't think it's good for your case, you need to save it. Give your attorney a copy of the footage so that they can look at it. Your attorney may see things in the video footage that you don't see, which may or may not help you, but your attorney will at least know what's on the footage.

Your Story

You should write down your account of the incident. If you did not see anything, make sure to put that. Only write down the things that you personally witnessed or experienced. If any of your employees witnessed the incident, have them write that down and give it to your attorney. The more information your attorney has, the better they can help you. Make sure that your account is as accurate as possible because your attorney doesn't want any surprises to show up during negotiations or a court case.

A slip-and-fall case can cause significant issues for businesses. If you are a business owner and someone says they were injured in a slip and fall incident, find a personal injury attorney who can help protect you. For more information, contact a slip and fall accident lawyer near you.