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How To Hire The Best Attorney After A Severe Car Accident

When you slip behind the wheel of a car, you openly accept the risk that comes along with sharing the highway with other drivers. However, most drivers never expect that another driver will so blatantly disregard traffic laws that they end up in a severe accident. 

An automobile accident can cost you thousands of dollars. Not only are you facing the loss of transportation, but you could also be facing injuries and repercussions from those injuries for years to come, This can mean lost time from work, medical expenses, and even loss of functional working capacity for the long term. To recoup what you are owed, it is important to hire the best car accident lawyer possible. Take a look at how to find the best attorney after a severe accident. 

Look at the Lawyer's Success Rate in and Out of Court 

Around 96 percent of personal injury claims are settled before they ever go to court. Car accident claims are essentially a type of personal injury claim. Therefore, it is easy to assume that most of these cases are also settled out of court. 

In either case, you will want an attorney that has a high success rate in both arenas. Look at the success rate of cases that did not go to trial, but also evaluate whether the attorney has high success when car accident cases go to trial. 

Look at the Types of Accidents the Lawyer Has Represented 

Car accident claims can have similar components and considerations. However, they can also be highly different based on the circumstances. For example, an individual involved in an accident with a semi-truck will have a totally different case than someone involved in an accident with a distracted driver. When you have gone through a severe accident with a high cost, you will want a car accident lawyer that is well-versed in the same type of accident as yours. 

Look at the Car Accident Lawyer's Availability 

One easy way to gauge the availability of an attorney is to see how long it takes for them to get you in for a consultation. Pay attention to how quickly they offer return calls and who does most of the communication. Some attorneys can be pressed for time, while others may have more time to allocate to your case. In a severe situation, your expenses can add up quickly. Therefore, it will be important to find a lawyer that can give your case rapid attention.  

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